Specialty Areas for Antique and Estate Appraisals

Antique and Estate AppraisalThe team at Chamberlain Antiques has a broad area of knowledge and expertise in many fields of antiques. Below are some of the fields in which we are actively buying.

Asian Antiques

Chamberlain Antiques is internationally recognized as an expert in the field of fine Asian arts and Asian antiques. This includes Chinese Antiques, Japanese Antiques, and Korean Antiques. Many institutions, collectors, and dealers, consult with Chamberlain Antiques for their expert knowledge in the difficult field of Asian porcelains, bronzes, jades, paintings, and other works of art. Our antique and estate appraisers are available to appraise Asian antiques in our antique shop or at your location.

European works of art

We have expertise in antique porcelains, pottery, and bronzes, and we have handled some of the best from the 18th through the 20th  century. This includes porcelain makers like Meissen, Sevres, Staffordshire, Royal Vienna, KPM, and bronze sculptures from Franz Bergman.

Paintings and Prints

Whether you have a 16th century masterpiece or a 20th century Marc Chagall signed lithograph, Chamberlain Antiques can assist in evaluating your work in accordance to the latest market trends.

Historical American Documents

Chamberlain Antiques has purchased, appraised, and sold hundreds of early American Documents. From early Colonial land grants to signed Presidential appointments, Chamberlain Antiques can assist in all of your selling and appraisal needs.

Silver, Gold, Early American Coins

The team at Chamberlain Antiques has extensive knowledge of early American coins. Is there an old sterling flatware or tea service sitting in the closet ? Do you have grandpa’s coin collection sitting in your sock drawer? You could be sitting on thousands of dollars. We recently got a call from a gentleman with a bucket of coins sitting in his basement; we left with the coins, and left him a check for $25,000.00. You can trust our expert antique coin appraisers to confirm the fair market value of your collection.

Sports Memorabilia and Baseball Cards

Joshua Chamberlain, owner of Chamberlain Antiques, has been a lifelong collector of sports memorabilia including early baseball cards. We are always looking to buy early Tobacco cards as well as any other early sports memorabilia you may have.

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