Estate and Appraisal Services

The handling of an estate can be overwhelming if you aren’t an experienced antique dealer. If you are a trustee of an estate, or if you are helping a loved one downsize, Chamberlain Antiques is here to help. Our estate appraisers are happy to come to you and clearly lay out what the contents of your estate are worth based on latest trends. Chamberlain Antiques offers estate appraisal services to meet any need.

  • Free Evaluation
  • Experienced Appraisers
  • Full and Fair Market Value

Why Choose Chamberlain?

We pay cash for our estate purchases. This has many advantages over auctions and estate sales. 

  • No waiting: You won’t have to wait months or years to receive the full value of your estate.
  • More certainty: Eliminate the risk associated with auction outcomes.
  • Convenience: Once we agree on a price, we’ll handle everything.

For a free appraisal, call us at 603-769-3390
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If you would like a free appraisal, please complete the following form or call 603-769-3390.